Transpersonal Artist

Harminder Singh


I was born in Kenya and am currently living in the West Midlands UK, I was brought up in the North East of the U.K and  from an early age I was drawn towards art in particular surrealism and visionary art  I remember that at school art lessons were a time for escapism during which no matter what the art lesson was about my contribution at the end of the lesson or homework was mostly a surrealistic rendition of whatever the art subject was . After a while, Mr Humble my art teacher at the time recognised  this and at first became curious, intrigued  and eventually encouraged me. Even then I had a strange feeling that this kind of imagery came from somewhere else there was a deeper meaning to it all.

During the late 70’s I was fortunate enough to meet the great sikh spiritual art master , the late great Sobha Singh. He was commissioned to do a series of paintings for a local Gurdwara in the north east of England  and it just so happened that I was visiting this local sikh temple  at the time.  He stayed at the Gurudwara for a few days during which he was painting I had the privilege of sitting and watching him paint in the evenings , it was the only time that I can remember as a child that I asked to be taken to the Gurudwara voluntarily much to my parents surprise. It was after these encounters that I  became fascinated by spiritual art and I  began to explore the meaning of spirit in art this has been ongoing through my life at still continues today.

Other artists that have inspired me during this journey include  Salvador Dali, Indra Sharma, Alex Grey, Santoshi Matsuyama, to mention a few. My inspiration now comes from the natural world and the spirit that inter-connects everything within it.