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Tao Arts

Tao.co.uk features a collection of exclusive art prints – a blend of surreal, spiritual, visionary and transformative art. The origins of which come from the sacred space of the transpersonal. The art work represents a record of an ongoing journey, of the evolving inner growth and expansion of creativity, which has been experienced over a period of many years. This has been and continues to be a by-product of a transpersonal awakening.

What is Transpersonal Art?

Transpersonal art is a branch of a discipline known as Transpersonal Psychology.

What does transpersonal mean? Transpersonal experiences may be defined as experiences in which the sense of personal or the self, transcends and expands beyond the individual identity, encompassing a wider aspect of spirituality, human experience and reality.

Transpersonal art may therefore be understood as artwork which draws upon ideas and expressions that are beyond the individual self. I’d like to think of it as how imagination and creativity evolve and manifest in the absence of ego.

Transpersonal experiences may be triggered by a variety practices and experiences such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, oobe’s, qigong, mysticism, shamanism, near death experience, as well as both physical and mental trauma to mention a few. These practices may well result in altered states of consciousness which in turn may give rise to the dissolution of ones ego for a short period.